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    What Prayer Can Do

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    In Dec. 1990, I graduated from Southwest Texas State University with a Bachelor of Business Administration.  Upon completing my degree, we moved to Wylie, TX.  I had taken a job with JC Penney's corporate office.  At the time,  Penney's was located in Dallas across from the Galeria Mall.   

    Things were going well for us.  However, I was longing to attend  church and for my husband to go   with me.  I wanted him to be the spiritual leader of our home.  Sundays would come and Alan would not want to go.  The harder I tried to get him to go the more he would push it away.  I finally quit asking him.

    On Dec. 31, 1991, we went to a New Year"s Eve Party hosted by Dan and Sharon Walters.   We spent the night at their house.  I remember lying down and praying.  I told God I couldn't do it any longer.  I couldn't get Alan to go to church with me and that I couldn't make him  be the spiritual leader of our family.  I explained to God I wanted a husband that would be the spiritual leader.   I was uncertain as to when God would answer this prayer but I knew he heard my desperation.

    To my surprise, the very next Sunday Alan asks, "Are you getting up?  I found a church I would like for us to try."  He said, "It is a the little church on the hill called Shiloh Baptist Church."  I don't think I had ever dressed so quickly.  I wasn't going to miss that church service.
    The pastor greeted us at the door.  He didn't tell us he was the pastor.  We did not know it until he began to preach.  Alan really liked this about him.  He was a very humble person.  Alan and the pastor became very good friends.  Pastor Mark became one of Alan's biggest mentors. 

    This occurred 21 years ago.  My husband became the spiritual leader  I wanted for our family.  We have now been married for 27 years and for the past 21 years  Christ has been the center of our marriage.   He can be the center of your marriage also.  Believe in the power of prayer and do not ever forget that God answers.

    Karen Walters
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