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    Preschool Ministry is for ages 3-5 yrs old.

    We believe that each and every child is a gift from God. Our purpose is to partner with the child’s guardians to raise Disciples of Christ. We have created a safe environment with age appropriate Bible stores, fun activities to support the child’s growth in his/her understanding of God’s love, recognize their need for Jesus, and develop a heart to serve and accept Christ.

     **We welcome you and your children to First Anna’s Preschool Ministry. We provide a program that is supported through the people of First Anna and activities that God has placed in our ministry area. Please stop by the Guest Information Desk for registration. You are more than welcome to drop off fifteen minutes before Sunday morning services as well as Sunday & Wednesday evening activities.

    Our check-in system is provided by Fellowship One and provides a safe and secure process.

    Threes – Pre K worship through music, Bible stories, key Bible verses, arts and crafts, dramatic play, games, and exploration and discovery.

    Please feel free to contact Debbie Durham at for questions or concerns.

    Policies and Procedures