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    In order to make this a safe and effective Ministry for our children we need your participation. Remember that the preschoolers like a familiar face.  The children love when Fathers serve also.  Serving is a great way to set an example to our children.  We ask that you complete this form even if you are already serving because we are trying to make sure your gifts are being used in the correct area. Please remember, we need you to arrive at least 15 min. before service begins.

    Per the policies at First Anna, anyone serving in an area that involves minors must:
    1) be a member of First Anna, and
    2) submit to a background check.

    Thanks for all that you do!

    Ms. Debbie


    Phone Number
    Which Sundays would you be available to serve?
    Would you be interested in serving on Sunday nights during Home Groups?
    Would you be interested in serving on Wednesday nights?
    Check all areas where you would be willing to serve.