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    Our Mission

    As a ministry, we seek to bring glory to God through the proclamation of His grace, and glory through song.  We want to lead the church into the presence of God, that we would know Him more deeply, and follow Him with total abandon.  

    What We Believe

    We do not believe that music alone is worship, but simply a piece of it.  It is however, an important piece and a command to all (Psalm 66:1-2).  We believe that worshiping through music carries itself out in many different ways.
    Singing (Psalm 66:1-2), Praying (Psalm 5:3), Lifting Hands (Psalm 134:2), 
    Sitting (2 Samuel 7:18), and Standing (Isaiah 29:23), just to name a few.
    We want to provide an environment that produces open and honest worship, not limited to standing or sitting.  You are free to worship however God calls you to.  

    We sing songs that put all glory and honor on our King, and not on ourselves.  The message of our songs is of most importance.  Songs with good melodies and no depth or meaning only bring attention to us.  We study each song to ensure that they are biblical, and allow people to worship not only in spirit, but in truth.  In the same way, we seek to sing songs that provide an opportunity to worship in spirit as well.  Songs that bring about emotion and depth to the words.  In John 4:23, Jesus tells the woman at the well that a time is coming that people will worship in spirit & truth.  We seek to see both carried out to the glory of our God and King.